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Golf is a Haven

It’s no wonder why suits often prefer golf as a sport. With all the stress inducing problems of the corporate world, players inevitably need a space to unwind, recreate themselves and play some Taylormade golf. It so happens that golf presents qualities that are uncommon to other sports – qualities that often go hand in hand with the troubles of a professional life.

Imagine a serene field of grass, maintained and manicured into pristine condition and uniformity. Imagine the absence of all the harsh city sounds, the clacking of computer keyboards and chattering phone conversations. Imagine a peaceful walk under the warm sun in the midst of fresh and natural breezes with a Taylormade golf bag full of clubs in tow.

GolfThere is a sense of release that playing golf brings. Having to focus all your energies into one powerful swing aimed for a single concrete goal can be very unnerving. The climaxing sound of the TaylorMade iron clacking and thrusting the ball into the horizon brings a sense of uncertainty and adventure, as the golfer looks yonder, reviewing the result of his action. The golfer walks towards the next location, ever getting closer to the final destination. It cools him down and prepares him for the next exercise of calculation and luck.

Golfing can bring about a spiritual state, a coming back to the centre. Unlike other sports wherein athletes are in constant aggressive tension, elbowing each other to score a point, golf has a much more peaceful ambience. It has a much slower pace and often lasts much longer than other competitive activities. The athlete can take his time calculating and concentrating on his plans of action. He is given the time to decide and to execute.

Aside from the qualities formerly mentioned, businessmen often prefer this sport because it gives them a space to properly converse while playing. Walks in between stops allow the athletes to freely talk about whatever matters are at hand without the impending pressure of time and the uneasy formalities of the workplace. The environment around brings about an unshackled feeling, allowing the mind to uncover new ideas and thoughts that would have otherwise been stuck in limbo.

Stress can be a very unhealthy thing, especially in the workplace. It cripples the ability of the worker to come up with the output that truly represents their capability. Golf helps release this stress with the benefit of being able to talk about work . With every strike of the iron, it takes with it amounts of stress that are tantamount to the athlete’s morale healing.

Working out the body, healing the mind, and progressing business – these traits make Taylormade golf a very attractive activity to many. It is kind of a holistic package.

People don’t usually see it, but companies like Taylormade golf work to make the golfing experience as seamless as possible. Equipment is designed to allow the athlete to perform as naturally as they can, making the sport more stress freeing than stress bringing.

Golf is a haven, free from the burdens of the modern man. Perhaps, it taps on man’s primal affinity to sticks and whacking objects, like the popular cult icon of the caveman wielding a thick branch. It is a modern translation of that man that brings contemporary elements into play. In man’s ever marching conquest, he never fails to create channels to express the self and to dominate, whether it be in health, business or in sport, or somehow, with golf, all at the same time. TaylorMade will walk with the man side by side, even in his insatiable desires to put things into holes.

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Rockbottomgolf and Burner golf clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories are only the latest incarnation of Taylormade Golf promise of improvement and perfection in everything they sell.

The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Flowers to Comfort

funeralhomesFlower arrangement for funeral services is an ancient tradition of anointing the dead with herbs and flowers. Nowadays, flowers are placed on top of the casket or in the actual grave site. Flowers remind the grieving family and friends of the beautiful life led by the departed.

Though flowers are not mandatory in funeral services, they always give that pleasant sense of comfort and warmth to those who were left behind. They express sympathy and love for the family.

Floral arrangements greatly vary according to the family’s spiritual beliefs or background ethnicity. When sending your flowers to the bereaved, include your first and last name on the card to avoid any confusion for the survivors.

Flowers should be at the funeral home before the wake or visiting hours and before the family arrives. You can send a wreath, a flower stand, or even potted plants. Potted plants are slowly becoming popular these days because they represent continued life and growth.

Flower arrangements in funeral services come in several types. There are etiquettes for flower arrangement that are based on the degree of your relationship or closeness to the person.

The large floral arrangements that usually adorn the top of the casket are reserved for those who are truly closest to the deceased. Most likely, they are from the immediately family.

If you had a close personal relationship with the deceased, you may choose to send any floral arrangement. Choose flowers that speak of their legacy and personality. Consult the one who manages the funeral first if you are unsure of the suitability of the flowers.

If you are not personally acquainted with the person but closely associated with the family, you may appropriately send a flower basket as a gift. Children who are close relatives also have a role. Instead of flowers, they can help put floral pillows on the casket before the body is placed inside. Regrettably, if the deceased is a child, you can send flowers arranged as children’s toys.

There may be some local florists who personally know the deceased. It is apt to ask them for advice on flower choices. They can also offer some trends and local traditions on floral choices.
You can choose from several arrangements aside from cut flowers, container arrangements, or baskets, which are commonly used in funeral services. Floral wreaths are acceptable gifts. The circular form of the wreath symbolizes the eternal life that awaits the departed. Sprays are flowers that can only be viewed from a single side. Occasionally, small flowers or mini-floral sprays are placed in the casket.

Popular flowers on the market for this occasion are chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, lilies, and gladiolas. You can choose their color according to the meaning they symbolize. White and blue flowers represent peace and comfort. White lilies are especially comforting flowers in these times. Even the types of flowers signify the message you want to convey to the deceased and his family. Here is a brief list you can choose from:

•Camelia is for appreciation.

•White chrysanthemum is for truth while red chrysanthemum is for love.

•Apple blossom signifies that better things are yet to come.
•Daisy and lilacs are for innocence.

•Ferns are for sincerity.

•Daffodils are for warm regard.

•Forget-me-nots are appropriate for remembrance and love.

•Flowering almonds and snowdrops are best in conveying hope.

•Irises and tulips are for affection.

•Ivy, violets, and lemon blossoms symbolize perpetual fidelity.

•Orange blossoms are for purity.

•Rosemary is for remembrance.

Don’t forget to take into account the culture and religious beliefs of the grieving family. Some religious guidelines only allow certain flowers or arrangements and some find flowers inappropriate during a funeral service. For example, Eastern Orthodox values white flowers the most in a memorial service. Some Islamic funerals won’t allow you to bring flowers. Flowers are not part of the Hindu funeral practice, but they are not discouraged.

Always consider flowers that may be well received by the mournful. They are gifts to offer affection and sympathy but not discomfort. The key is to respect their rules and practices. A funeral is a time for peaceful consolation and fond remembrance and flowers will help you express your respect and love.

7 Creative Ways to Use a Storage Container

Have you ever heard of storage units that you can rent or buy and then be delivered to your place? While most storage companies offer warehouse spaces for people looking for additional storage space, some have come up with a convenient at-home storage solution. One can now buy a storage box with length ranging from 20 to 45 feet to be placed outside their home. Buying your unit lets you customize it for whatever purpose you want it to serve. Here are some creative ways you can use your storage container or moveablecontainer.

1. Playhouse for Girls

moveablecontainerIf your daughters are sick of playing cooking and dressing up dolls in their rooms, you can purchase a movable storage unit that you can customize and turn into a playhouse. Your girls would love to have their own 20-ft house where they can pretend as ladies, who know how to cook and take care of baby dolls. Decorate it like a real house for them to enjoy every minute in it.

2. A Place Where Boys Can Be Boys

If you have sons who cannot help but run and play around, give them enough space to have fun. Steel boxes come in various sizes. You can even get one where your boys can play basketball or football. Movable storage units can be really spacious that your sons can even use their little bikes. You can even decorate it as a jungle to enhance their adventurous side.

3. Wood Workshop for Dad (or Grandpa)

If dad or granddad loves to take on DIY carpentry or woodwork, a 40-ft. storage container would be a great place where they can set up their worktable and have a cabinet for storing tools and equipment. A movable storage also works for painting and sculpture enthusiasts who need their own place where they can focus on their craft.

4. A Garden for Green Thumbs

If you want an instant greenhouse, you can easily convert a 45-ft. storage unit into a 4-sided room where you can grow flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Wouldn’t it be nice to see all your favourite plants growing healthily? You can also customize steel boxes to suit your needs and preferences.

5. Hangout Place for the Gang

Whenever your group needs to hang out or your band needs a venue for rehearsals, you will never have to worry. Have everyone chip in for a great investment. Purchase a storage container that you can convert into a hangout place or band headquarters. Such units have doors with durable locks to secure your musical instruments.

6. An Outdoor Living Room

A growing family will need additional space. If everyone is sick and tired of the living room and front porch, work together to create a new living room just outside your house. Place the storage unit strategically and place some pieces of furniture for an afternoon nap or weekend lunch.

7. Relaxing Reading Haven

If you are a bookworm who wants your own place for your favourite activity – reading – invests in a nice storage container that you can convert into a library. Have shelves for your favourite books. Arrange your book collections by author or genre and bring friends. Create a book club and share literary masterpieces you love.

While movable large storage units are designed to help people be organized or to provide additional storage space, you can personalize them to suit your preferences. Use your creativity. Convert it yourself or hire a contractor to transform the storage container for you. Customize one to be your personal escape or transform it in a big box where you can have fun with your loved ones. The sky is the limit!

Reasons Why PCB Assembly Prefers Surface-Mount Technology

For many years, the technology behind a printed circuit board (PCB) has constantly improved to become more efficient and smaller. PCBs have become an important part of a wide range of machineries, computing devices, automobiles, appliances, and other electronic gadgets. Moreover, PCBs have a great impact on new inventions and technologies in the electronics industry worldwide. At present, the most well-known PCB assembly method is surface-mount technology (SMT). This is a huge development over the older assembly method of through-hole. Surface-mounting is now considered as the highest standard in printed circuit board assembly.

Definition of Through-Hole and Surface-Mount Technologies

PCBThrough-hole assembly method uses various components that have lead wires, which are attached to the PCB through holes. The lead wires depend of holes in a multi-layered board.

On the other hand, because of the demand for smaller-sized and lighter components, SMT was developed. This technology uses wires that are connected directly on the board surface instead of using hole-mounting.

Differences between Surface-Mount and Through-Hole Technologies

Here are some of the major things that differentiate SMT from through-hole PCB assembly:

• The most common problem in through-hole construction is spacing issues. SMT has substantially helped in solving this.

• Compared to other PCB technologies, the pin count has significantly increased in SMT.

• The components in SMT are mostly not made up of lead and are attached directly into the surface of the PCB. Through-hole components use lead wires that are connected to the wiring boards through holes.

• The through-hole components are bigger whereas SMT components are smaller. SMT can mount components on both sides of the board if necessary, so this can cause higher packing density.

• Because of its smaller size, SMT has faster circuit speed.

• The technology used in using SMT is very advanced.

Surface-Mount Technology has replaced other methods of PCB assembly. Apart from the aforementioned differences between surface-mount and through-hole technologies, here are some of the other reasons why SMT is more preferred these days:

1. Time Efficiency

Before the use of SMT, through-hole construction and the much older point-to-point construction were used, but these methods take up a lot of time since the pads would have to be attached to the frame of the board. The older methods also involve connecting wires and this does not only take longer time, but also alter the way energy is conducted across the printed circuit board. SMT resolves these issues by connecting components to the board surface rather than through-hole connection outlets. This simple advancement allows the printed circuit boards to be constructed through automation, which is really time efficient.

2. Reduces Assembly Expenses

Conventional assembly methods take longer time to produce than SMT. Therefore, the older assembly methods were much more expensive than using SMT. However, because of automation and the capacity to program the construction of a range of low-quantity printed circuit boards at the same time, SMT construction lowers down the expenses of production. Clients who are worried about the expenses must always make sure the assembly service uses automated SMT.

3. Improved Usability

Printed circuit boards that are designed for SMT construction use smaller components compared to older assembly methods. This will cause the whole PCB to be more polished and compact as well as have greater energy efficiency. These advancements make modern-day printed circuit boards to be utilized in a wider range of equipment such as smart phones, laptop and handheld computers, or devices that need a compact and flat PCB. Because of that, PCBs that use SMT have been widely accepted by various groups from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designers to electrical design engineers.

While SMT is more commonly used in PCB assembly, through-hole technology is still existent in prototype applications and testing that might require manual replacements and changes.

PCBs have become an important part of a wide range of machineries, computing devices, automobiles, appliances, and other electronic gadgets.

Healthy Moves With HCG

There is information overload going on right now online. You are going to find that there are so many different pieces that come together in regards to chasing just about any information that you’d like. This is illustrated with the many confusing concepts that come through with the world of fitness, health, and wellness. There are so many options that abound in this arena that you may be left out cold. You will find that the options that are within the many arenas here are going to definitely be tough to really understand, and you’re going to find that the “right” thing for you, may not be listed within the top of search results. Things get really difficult to manage when it comes to hcg, and supplements as well, which is why you should take a few tips with you in regards to narrowing down the search of what options to choose from. If you want more details about the supplements then Click Here.

Look For Ingredients

HCG-dropsThe first thing that you should look at when pursuing supplements like hcg, is the ingredient list. Look to see what is put together for your use. You have to make sure that you are using the right things here, and look into ingredients that are going to push your limits, and not just add placebo. A lot of companies are putting together framework that is not exactly good for anyone, because they use fillers, and other properties. When buying any form of supplement, make sure that it’s 100% natural, and is not full of different elements at all. Instead, look for ingredients that are going to allow you to pursue the right element, and get the results that you need most of all.

Consider the ingredients and any other options that you are going to take. If you find that hcg comes in the form of drops, then you know that it can help you with absorption. If it’s in a pill form, consider if it’s a gel cap or something else. You want to be able to absorb as much of it as you can, in order to get the results that you need overall.

Consider Reviews

When in doubt, look for reviews that you can get manifest. It’s absolutely crucial that you look at the reviews that are in place when you are looking for any type of supplement for weight loss. If you don’t see anyone talking about what you want to purchase and take, dig deeper. You’ll find that there has to be someone talking about this, so that you can make a wise move and end up with a positive result overall. Without reviews, you will be blindly testing out options that are not going to be good overall.

With the rise of the information age, there are soap boxes everywhere, and you will not find that this notion is difficult to manage at all. It’s something that is absolutely grand, and will help you make the right moves going forward. As long as you find good reviews, you’ll be safe within the world of supplements.

Don’t Give Up On Diet and Exercise

Another thing that you need to consider is diet and exercise. This is something that is going to help you gain a lot of leverage in your chase moving forward. You’ll want to figure out whether or not this will present itself in the appropriate manner or not. Cycle through various options and figure out which one is going to stick for your needs. You don’t have to make this a complicated endeavor, as long as you’re using hcg supplements, you will end up with results that are going to be accelerated with the balance of these two additional pillars.

Introduction to Lanyards

The designs that are imprinted on the lanyards are based on its intended use. Here are some of its common applications:

• Used as gadget accessory

To prevent items such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, and digital cameras from dropping or from being lost, a lanyard is used to carry them.

• Used as ID badge holder

Though you can use ID clips, they may unclip themselves from your clothing. With lanyards, you can hang them in your neck and make other people identify you much easier. They can be customized according to the establishment’s logo and name.

• Used as accessories for uniforms

There are times that are certain types of lanyard that are being used as part of the uniform such as what some armed forces group have done.

• Used as part of safety gears

Lanyards made out of strong and durable material are used as safety straps for construction and heavy-duty purposes. This is to secure workers and prevent them from falling.

lanyardsOther than these, these custom cords can be also used for outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, or camping to help you carry your things. Also, they are used as a form of self-expression by making them as souvenir items by different awareness movements. Many companies are also using these custom made laces as giveaways to promote their products and services. For personal uses, this type of artwork is used as bracelets and other fashion ornament. Indeed, possibilities are endless with this craft.

Various types of materials are can be used to produce a lanyard. You can use cotton, polyester, cord or nylon. There are different media available to produce your design for your lanyard. You can use hot stamp, silk screen print or dye sublimation. With hot stamp, heat and pressure is used to transfer the design into the cord. This is commonly used for metal tags. Silk screen printing is considered to be with the highest quality. To use this, screen is laid on top of the material and then with a cloth or sponge, the ink is applied through the screen to make the design. Lastly, dye sublimation is used if you want your lanyard to be multicolored. There are lanyards that are made out of lace or beads. A beaded lanyard is usually preferred by female clients for fashion purposes.

You can also use different attachment for your lanyard. Hooks and rings are used as attachments to carry different items. O-ring is most commonly used for whistles and keys. Snap hooks are used for ID badges, and bulldog clips are used if you want a durable holder.

Being in demand, most people have seen much potential with lanyards. They are a great source of income. They put up business in custom lanyard making and it is seen to be profitable as these are widely used by schools, business firms, government offices, and other establishments.

Lanyards are very easy to make and inexpensive. As this industry gets bigger and bigger, many have seen good opportunities with this craft. With others, they see this as a craft that everyone will enjoy doing.

Too Much Work Engagement: Is It That Bad?

Work engagement can make or break an organization. Most of the growing companies use an employee engagement survey to determine how tied up their employees are to them. They use the results to improve work conditions and solve problems that may be holding the employees back from work engagement. Most commonly, the problems are issues of employees’ hardship towards getting into engagement with work. These create a huge impact in their performance, professionalism, and the organization itself. Most employees suffer from disengagement. There are a few who, although very engaged with work, are too engaged that it translates to a negative effect and gives rise to a feeling of being too engaged with work but not with the company.

The saying that “too much of everything is bad” also applies to work organizations. Less work engagement is bad, but too much of it is worse. The feeling of too much commitment can result to unprofessionalism. An organization may be a second home, the members may feel like family, but with a strong feeling of belongingness could affect sound decision making adversely. The results of an employee engagement survey will show how close an employee is to the organization. From there, a leader can immediately point to the arising problems and adjust some of the managing techniques and control issues.

Employee-engagement-surveyEmployees can perform their tasks satisfactorily without too much work engagement. In fact, because of lack of engagement, they become very professional. Rejections are not taken personally.They work at their best because they are not that relaxed. There are good and bad sides of work engagement

If an employee is too attached to his/her work, the tendency is to work with emotion rather than to work with focus. Emotions can give energy and determination to the group. But emotions change, and when it changes, performance will be affected because the employee’s actions will be driven by how he feels. The sense of belongingness will result to an emotional tie that will affect how everyone thinks. The closeness will bind the group, but these feelings of closeness might become difficult for new employees to break into.

Results of employee engagement survey initiatives also show the reasons why some fresh starters are taking a very slow pace in finding comfort within the company. One of these causes is often the feeling of being out of place. When the group is tied together with too much emotion, they can possibly take negatively towards those new starters who are still on the process of adjusting.

There are successful companies with employees that have very good work engagement. This unifies the group and makes them think as one. In this scenario, however, the uniqueness of each individual employee could get lost. In such a case, some employees might become passive when it comes to decision making. They stop thinking out of the box, and tend to lose their stand as an individual. They focus in the internal organization, and lose focus on the external threats that make the team weak in terms of competence.

Because of the studies that show many connections of work and emotion, there is an employee engagement survey recommended that aims to focus on measuring the emotion of the employee rather than his/her performance. Emotions are sources of energy that makes an employee capable of performing, but emotions can also drag the organization down when they swing back and forth. Work engagement makes an employee more committed and increases his self-worth. Such, however, should be kept in moderation.

Regardless of results, an employee engagement survey is a good tool for companies to use not only to improve relationships within the organization but also to make adjustments in the business process and activities in order to foster a more productive and satisfying work environment.

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker

You want to hire a keynote speaker for your organization or company, but you are still quite unsure as to how you can find the right one. Good news: there are several excellent and professional keynote speakers out there that you can choose from. Bad news: it is hard to choose from them because, again, there are just too many of them.

keynote-speakerBy default, professional keynote speakers are highly competitive with each other. One will always claim that he or she is the best option, and this can sometimes be crucial to your decision-making. However, this does not necessarily mean that they aren’t really the best resort; it only means that you have to choose the one that will totally fit your needs.

With that said, here are some tips that can help you pick the best keynote speaker for you!

• Identify first the date as well as the location in which you would want to have your event. This will sort of help you cut down the list of possible keynote speakers for the said event. Of course, if a keynote speaker isn’t available on that schedule, it only means you will not have to choose that person.

• Consider your budget. Since you will have to pay for the speaker, you have to choose the one that you can actually afford. You will also have to consider the cost of the speaker’s travel, so it is better if you would hire a speaker whose location is relatively closer to yours.

• Think about why you actually need a keynote speaker. Most organizations hire a speaker because they want them to motivate, educate, initiate a change, promote the organization or the company, raise the funds, entertain, and many more. Identifying your purpose for hiring a keynoter will help you also identify what type of speaker you will most likely hire, which in turn narrows down your list. For instance, if you need a speaker because you want your organization to be promoted, you will then hire a speaker whose expertise include promotion. The speaker has to be engaging enough to catch the people’s attention.

• You will also need to do some research about some of the potential speakers you have in mind. Look for their professional background and find out whether that they have already been successful in the past. You are looking for the best speaker, after all.

• Ask for references from your friends or colleagues, most especially if this is your first time to look for a keynote speaker. You can use your networks to be directed to one that you are looking for. If you know someone who has already worked with keynote speakers, you can probably ask him or her to recommend one for you. Likewise, you can also consult the internet regarding this. BigSpeak (www.bigspeak.com) can help you locate speakers. Be careful when you are looking online, though, because you will most likely encounter fake ones out there.

• You will also have to think through the demographic characteristics of your audience, for this will also have an impact on what type of speaker is the best for you. Do you want a speaker who will most likely appeal to the general audience, or do you need someone who will only appeal to a specific audience segment (e.g. a group of women)? If you think that this particular speaker won’t seem appropriate for your audience, then it is best for you to not choose that speaker.

• You also need to come up with the decision makers for your program who will plan out the program. Make sure that the vision and plans that the decision makers have are in line with the speaker that you choose.

The Different Types of Challenge Coins

What is a challenge coin? It is a coin used as a token of identity among the military units to signify allegiance to a particular unit. The challenge coin has unique designs specific of the unit’s motto, insignia or symbol. It was originally given by the combat or unit’s officers to their members to show appreciation also for the soldiers’ exemplary performance during a battle.

So originally, challenge coins were distributed among military servicemen only. Later on however, the United States Air Force has the “Bull Dog Challenge” coins given to the enlisted gunners upon their graduation. It was exclusive for B-52 air force men only. It represented strength and courage among the members.

Challenge-coinsToday, there are many types of challenge coins being created and distributed. It has moved outside the perimeters and confines of the military too. There are now many coins existing, available to the public either for sale or as a gift. Here are some samples of the different types of challenge coin outside the military.

As a sign of exclusivity, the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) created and sold specially designed Harley Davidson coins to owners of the said motorcycles only. They believed and proclaimed that Harley Davidson owners and users have a special bond and pride of being owners the same way that the military shared a bond when they served the country. They also instructed the owners to either carry the challenge coin in their person at all times or display it on their bikes. The logo was stamped on one side and the words “The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson” is written on the other side. The coins were made from solid brass alloy with an antique finish. The challenge coins were sold for $12 a piece.

On the other hand, the Utah Symphony and Opera was the first to distribute challenge coin among its staff and musicians in the early 2000’s. Though there were no stated reasons why, it was assumed that it was distributed as a token of appreciation for being a part of the opera.

Some of the coins were created to be given as gifts and tokens of appreciation. One example was when film director Jon Favreau gave especially designed Iron Man coins to the United States Air Force personnel for their participation during the filming of the movie Iron Man 2. By the way, the movie became a top grosser.

The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club” also distributed a specially made challenge coin. The coin was 1.75 inches in diameter. It was made of solid brass with an antique finish. The logo was stamped on the front side of the coin while at the back, their motto “We Can, We Will” and “Ready Forward” were stamped. The coin is usually awarded by the Chapter president or a national officer to a member who has shown a noteworthy achievement. It has become a token of recognition. This challenge coin is given only to the member who earned it. Therefore, it modified the original version where all the members usually receive a challenge coin from the commanding leader of the particular unit they belonged to.

On 2009, the worst mass murder took place on a military base at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirteen soldiers died and thirty more were reported to be severely injured in a shooting, which was later categorized as a workplace violence. As a token of honor for the brave soldiers who were killed during the Fort Hood shooting, President Barak Obama placed special challenge coins on the memorials of these soldiers.

The creation and distribution of challenge coins are also gaining popularity among the different organizations and departments such as the police, fire, fraternity, clubs and other special groups for various reasons. It can be for sentimental reasons or personal reasons only. The challenge coin is definitely here to stay although the reasons and types have evolved throughout the generations.

An Overview of Lanyards

A lanyard is typically a strip of woven cloth joined at the ends with either a looped end or an attached hook, enabling a person to attach things unto it. Lanyardsare said to be first used around the fifteenth century when the French soldiers used these to connect the necessary apparatus for their missions, such as a small flashlight, a whistle and even a small gun. Thinking it through, these things mentioned can actually be carried around by just putting them in pockets, even by the use of a vest, which is typically worn by soldiers. But, soldiers mainly chose to stick with using a lanyard primarily because it would keep their necessities just in front of them, making them easy to find and use when needed.

Most importantly, a lanyard with proper use makes it difficult for a person to lose the things suspended by it. The proper use of a lanyard depends on what type it is and what type of things it can do.

lanyardsThere are different kinds of lanyards each having its own appropriate use, examples being for small electronics, a card holder, a safety strap or even by just being a simple accessory to be worn by anyone. Small electronics or gadgets such as cellphones are commonly brought by people wherever they go, whether for communication purposes or for entertainment.

Commonly, these gadgets are kept through a person’s pockets or bags, which are vulnerable spots especially for very skilled pickpockets, vulnerable even to unintentional losses due to misguided attention of the owner. The difference a gadget lanyard makes is that it is worn either around the person’s neck or wrist, making it easy for the person to monitor his or her gadget and also be able to access them easily and immediately, significantly reducing the chances of losses or stealing.

Another type of lanyard is the card holder, which use is not that different from that of a gadget lanyard, since both are worn either around the neck or wrist. The difference is that the card holder is obviously used for clipping on different kinds of cards such as identification cards. Putting an identification card on a lanyard is quite important because this makes the card easy to be seen by people, especially authorities of the company or school the owner belongs in.

The rope-like cords people see wrapped around a lineman or some hikers are called safety lanyards. These are different from the standard lanyard because a lanyard of this type is much thicker, bigger and obviously more durable as it supports a human being.

A safety lanyard acts like a miniature version of a harness, but is still reliable to be used for safety purposes as it prevents a person from tumbling down the hill or falling down from a high place. An accessory lanyard, on the other hand, has no other definite use rather than just for attraction and for hanging unto things. These are like pieces of jewelry, worn to beautify a person. This type is commonly seen as thosewith colorful designs, even with logos and other styles.

The purposefulness of lanyards is truly undeniable, as each and every type of these has its own use, making the owner either safer, or more at ease knowing that his or her valuables are just in sight and at easy access. Due to their cheapness for their quality and purposefulness, they are continually supported by people, some even preferring them over expensive harnesses and high quality bags. People who are looking for a cheap way to keep themselves or their belongings safe definitely must try and acquire a lanyard.